7 Reasons Why You Need A Professional Dog Walker or Pet Sitter

When it comes to caring for our pets, we know we need to provide shelter, food, water, and love. But, when life happens, we don’t typically think about what happens when we’re busy or out of town. There are many options for pet care: doggie daycare, hiring a part-time sitter, asking friends or family to watch your pets, etc.


Unfortunately, we often get many customers coming to us after one of the above choices goes south. We’d love to alleviate that uncertainty when it comes to choosing pet care for your furry companions in the Edson area.


That’s why we decided to create a list of 7 reasons why you need a professional dog walker or pet sitter:


1. It keeps your pets happy AND healthy!


This may seem like an obvious reason, but there is a clear distinction between a friend coming to watch your pet versus a professional pet care specialist. A professional pet sitter knows animal behaviour and understands the importance of mental stimulation just as much as the need for physical exercise.


We can’t expect our dogs to know to exercise their minds and bodies while we’re away. Just because we leave them outside or leave a puzzle toy in the house does not mean they are running laps during the day and completing mentally stimulating activities while you’re working.


According to Canada’s Pet Wellness Report, Veterinarians believe that the majority of dogs (55%) and cats (70%) do not receive an adequate amount of exercise to maintain good health.


This is our specialty – after all, our business name is Poop’d Out for a reason!


2. You can be taken care of in case of an emergency!


As much as we don’t like to talk about it, emergencies CAN and DO happen. By establishing a relationship with a pet sitter ahead of time, you can feel more comfortable leaving your pet in the hands of a professional that already knows your pet.


Let us tell you, it is MUCH easier to establish this relationship ahead of time and get all of the paperwork filled out ahead of time, instead of worrying about it when you need to tend to your own emergency.


3. Friends and family aren’t professionals!


Sorry to say this one, but your uncle that lives down the street or your best friend across the corner is most likely not a professional pet sitter or dog walker. Sure, they may already love your dog or cat, but they may not know animal first aid, normal gait patterns, ways to handle leash aggression, what to do if something goes wrong, etc.


There are so many instances where friends and family end up not being reliable or don’t know how to handle common situations that arise when caring for a pet. So, to avoid these potential disasters and uncomfortable conversations with your loved ones, just hire a professional!


4. Long working days can lead to unwanted pet behaviour.


How many of us have come home to accidents, torn up furniture, eaten human food, and so much more because we were gone for slightly too long?


It definitely happens, but it can be avoided.


One of the biggest reasons for this sort of unwanted behaviour is because of boredom and a lack of exercise (for the brain AND the body).


Getting a dog walker to come during the day to exercise and stimulate your pet’s brain can work wonders for your pet’s behaviour at home. And if you need any extra help, here are 26 quick and simple ways you can relieve dog boredom.


HINT: One of these 26 ways is…..hiring a dog walker! 😉


5. Professional pet sitters are certified, insured, and LOVE what they do!


When searching for a professional pet sitter, like us at Poop’d Out, you’ll quickly notice that pet care is way more than just a hobby for us.

We spend much of our time and energy on continued education, trainings, certifications, and other ways we can be the best dog walkers and pet sitters in all of Edson.


Poop’d Out’s owner, Dacey, is Fear-Free certified and is certified in canine first aid through Dogsafe. She holds Holly & Hugo certificates in Animal Training and Pet Sitting, Animal Care, Dog Behaviour & Training, Pet Nutrition, and Animal Physical Therapy, and the list goes ON and ON! This isn’t because she has to – it’s because she wants to and it’s what she loves.


That’s what you get when you hire a licensed and insured professional pet care provider.


6. Having someone at your house can ensure your home’s safety, too!


Yes, professional pet sitters can watch over the house, too! That includes having security lights on while you’re away, bringing in the mail so it doesn’t pile up in the driveway, and making sure nothing looks amiss while you’re out of town. DOUBLE BONUS!


You can see all of these extra house protection bonuses on our services page.


7. Professional pet sitters provide peace of mind.


Let’s face it – being a pet owner can be stressful, especially when we have to be away for long days at work or a week of vacation. It’s nice to know that your pet is in good hands, so you can focus on your work or enjoy your vacation.


We worry as pet owners, and we at Poop’d Out understand that, as we’re pet owners ourselves. We strive every day to make sure our clients can experience as much peace of mind as possible while away from their pets.





Well, there you have it! There’s a lot to know when it comes to being a responsible pet owner, but one thing you can cross of your list: who should watch my pet while I’m away for work, on vacation, or have an emergency?


The Answer?


A professional dog walker and pet sitter, like us here in Edson. To request a reservation with us, go ahead and click here to get started.



  1. Kathy

    I agree with every one 👍, I just wished you were in Hinton. We recently attended our sons wedding in Mexico, and it was very stressful making “arrangements” to have our senior dog and cat looked after plus our home. It worked out but like I said I wished you were in Hinton 👍 keep up your good work ❤️

    • admin

      Wow Kathy, thanks so much for your kind words. This means so much to me and I have had many requests to come to Hinton. Stay tuned as we grow our Edson team, cause we hope to be heading your way in the near future! I hope your sons’ wedding was beautiful and that you enjoyed your time.


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