The Ultimate Checklist To Prepare For Your Dog Walker or Pet Sitter

When you book your pet sitting reservations or schedule your dog walks for the week, the last thing you may think of as you go about your work day or pack for your vacation is preparing for the sitter or walker!


We thought it might be helpful for you to have a checklist on hand to prepare for each pet sitting or dog walking reservation you book with us!


And, as a reminder, please be sure to book your reservations as early as possible to ensure that there is availability on our end and that you have the time to complete the checklist!


The Poop’d Out Dog Walking and Pet Sitting Reservation Checklist


1. Let your pet sitter know of any changes in your pet’s food, medication, behaviour, or other health conditions.

⃞      Are there any changes to your pet’s food or diet? Update your profile.

⃞      Is your pet on any medication that you should add to your Time To Pet profile?

⃞      Has your pet’s behaviour changed lately? How is your pet’s overall health? Add it to your profile.


2. Along the same lines, please make sure your client portal information is updated.

⃞      Do you have a new phone number or did you move recently and need to update your address?

⃞      Did you leave an alternate phone number on your account we can use in case you’re at work or on vacation?

⃞      Is your emergency contact information updated on Time To Pet?


3. Please be sure to pick up your dog’s poop and clean the cat’s litter box before your pet sitter arrives.

Why is this important? Well, it helps the sitter focus on the care needed after your gone and helps us to monitor your pet’s health and track his bowel movements/health, etc.

⃞      Pick up the dog poop in the yard.

⃞      Clean out the litter box before the sitter arrives.

⃞      Clean the fish tank or caged animal cages before the sitter’s arrival.


4. Make sure there is a surplus of supplies needed for your pet during the sitter’s stay:

⃞      Check your supply of cat litter, poop bags, food, and treats.

⃞      Make sure you have plenty of cleaning supplies and paper towels out for the sitter in case of accidents.

⃞      Check your pet’s medication supply to make sure there is more than enough to last the reservation. If you need to get more medication, please do so well ahead of time.


5. Let your sitter know where everything is (and not just the food, treats, & leash):

⃞      Let the sitter know where the basics are: food, treats, and leash.

⃞      Let the sitter know where the carrier is in case of emergencies.

⃞      Do you have a first aid kit that your sitter should be aware of? Anything else you can think of?


6. Are there any household problems that we should know about? Let your sitter know.

⃞      Plumbing (faucets, toilets, etc.)

⃞      Is something in your house or outside of your house not working like normal?

⃞      Do you have new batteries in your keyless entry?


7. If anyone will have access to your home during the pet sitting reservation, please let your pet sitter know.

⃞      Does anyone have access to your house during the pet sitter’s stay? Please give your sitter all of the necessary information, like who and when?

⃞      Please also submit this information in Time To Pet ASAP.


8. Make sure your pet’s ID tag and microchip are up to date.

⃞      Call your microchip company and make sure your address and phone number are accurate.

⃞      Make sure your pet’s name tag info is current and that your dog has his town tag (required).


9. Did you notify your veterinarian? A lot of veterinarians will not treat a pet without the owner’s permission.

⃞      Call your veterinarian and give them approval for your sitter to bring in your pet for treatment in case of an emergency.

⃞      Make sure that your credit card is on file at your veterinarian as well.


10. Let your sitter know that you’ve made it home from your travels safely.

⃞      Update your sitter when you arrive home, so we can be sure that your pets have their caregiver back and so we know you’re home safe!


Following through with each step in the above checklist not only helps us ensure the health and safety of your pet while you’re away, but it also helps us focus on what we do best: actually care for and love on your pets!

We use Time To Pet as your online client portal to ensure that we make these steps as easy as possible for you to follow and update as changes/issues arise. You can use the portal online or through the app to easily and quickly make ANY changes needed for you or your pets.


Title: The Ultimate Checklist To Prepare For Your Dog Walker or Pet Sitter


If you have any questions on any of the above steps in your pet sitting and dog walking checklist, please don’t hesitate to reach out. We want to make your pet care experience goes as smoothly as possible for both you AND your pet!


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