Pet Services for Busy Workers in Edson

Whether you live in or travel to Edson, we can almost all agree, the town is bustling with busy people working long hours. Companies like Canadian Natural Resources, Husky Oil Operations, and Apache Canada offer oilfield jobs, which require long days.

Unfortunately, this can really affect our pets, who stay at home and are not stimulated or exercised. As a result, this can lead to unwanted behaviour that may seem unrelated to your absence, but unfortunately, is typically correlated.


When It’s Time to Ask For Help

Often, we work so hard that we don’t get to spend as much time with our pets as we’d like.  

And unfortunately, this absence and lack of exercise and mental stimulation can prove detrimental for your pet’s wellbeing and behaviour, which you can read more about in our blog post on the 7 reasons you need a professional dog walker or pet sitter here in Edson.

But for now, here are some clues that help you know when it’s time to bring in professional help.

Has your pet gained weight? Weight gain is one of the most obvious signs that your pet is in need of some exercise.

Are you coming home to messes? This is a clear indicator that your pet is bored or restless. They are taking their entertainment in their own hands. To fill their day, they are destroying your furniture, shoes, curtains, you name it.

Is your pet having accidents in the house? This gives you an idea that your pet is bored or stressed. Often times, pets that suffer from separation anxiety are prone to having accidents in the house. You can reduce your dog’s anxiety and stress by hiring a dog walker for a mid-day walk. Don’t forget about your cat. A mid-day Drop-In Visit is perfect to calm a cat who craves attention. The key here is: give your pet something to look forward to. This special activity ignites their brain and the stimulation will allow them to more easily relax for the remainder of the day.

Do they seem particularly tired? If your pet seems lethargic, this, contrary to what you might think, can mean boredom. When dogs don’t have anything better to do, they fill their time with sleep.

Are they missing out on vital socialization? When you do get an opportunity to take your dog out in the world, your dog might panic or become shy around other dogs or people. This shows you that they are missing out on some key socialization. With a consistent walking routine, they learn that seeing another dog or human is a non-event.

How are YOU? If you’re stressed about making it home on time or feel a sense of guilt when you just don’t have the energy to give your pet the attention he or she needs, it’s time to bring in some help. To save you vital time, a Poop’d Out Dog Walker can handle your walking duties for the day, freeing you up for quality relaxing time with your pet.


Benefits of Dog Walking

A dog walk is a perfect way to get your dog out of the house to explore. Even if you let your dog hang out the whole day in the backyard while you’re at work, they are still missing out on new scents, new adventures, and other mentally stimulating advantages that come with a dog walk.

Walking your dog, whether it’s on our on-leash neighbourhood walks or our off-leash nature hikes, provides benefits that extend far beyond just moving their legs.

Dog walking promotes socialization with people as well as other dogs. As a bonus, it even helps desensitize them to very exciting triggers like squirrels, bicycles, and children. If pent up at home, they very rarely see these things, making a squirrel the most exciting thing in the world!


Benefits of Drop-In Visits

Our pets crave human attention. To give them a boost of human interaction mid-day, scheduling a Drop-In Visit can be key! Your Poop’d Out Pet Sitter will make sure your pet has ample water and any necessary food or medications. We even handle a complimentary security check, making sure your home and pet are safe and sound while you are away. Not to mention, providing that extra love and attention they deserve during the day. 🙂


Choosing a Sitter or Walker That is Right For You

Poop’d Out is passionate about animals, but we are also here to provide you peace of mind as a pet owner.  It’s important that you feel comfortable leaving your pet in our care.


We specialize in walking dogs with behavioural needs, such as leash reactivity or shy tendencies. We prioritize creating a comfortable, yet structured routine for your pet that they may not otherwise get elsewhere.

As an Edson resident, we know how busy you are, how long of days you work, and how exhausted you are when you come home. And that’s why we’re here. We’ve got your back.

Once a Poop’d Out member, always a Poop’d Out member, and with our easy booking portal, you are covered in no time.



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