Adopt A Cat Month: An Interview with Edson Animal Rescue

Did you know that June is Adopt a Cat Month? There are so many good reasons to adopt a cat. Not only can they be cute and low-maintenance companions, but scientists have actually found that having a cat can be good for your health by lowering blood pressure and decreasing anxiety! We’re partial to the feeling that a house isn’t a home until there is a furry friend, so if you’ve been considering a new pet, a cat might be a great option for you!


In honor of the holiday this month, we chatted with one of our favorite pet rescues, Edson Animal Rescue, to find out a bit more about the animals they rescue, how to prepare for bringing your new pet home, and to offer up some potential furry faces that are ready to go home to their new furever family!


Tell us a little bit about Edson Animal Rescue:


“We were founded in June of 2012 as a nonprofit organization. We are run by volunteers that come from Edson and Yellowhead Counties. We’re completely foster home based, which means we don’t have a dedicated facility to house the cats we rescue. We rely heavily on the generosity of our volunteers who, like us, believe all animals deserve to find their furever homes! As such, we are a no-kill rescue.”


Why should prospective pet parents choose a rescue animal?


“When you adopt, you help break the pet overpopulation. When you adopt from a rescue or shelter, most animals come with benefits that you may have to pay a higher cost for if you purchased your pet from somewhere else, such as neutering and spaying. Most dogs are already trained or are more socialized around other dogs, so they tend to be easier to train. When you adopt, you can find a pet that fits your personality and, contrary to many beliefs, you can get almost breed when you adopt!


The other benefits are more global and economical. Besides the lower costs, you support local nonprofits, local organizations, and your local community when you adopt. It feels amazing knowing that you’ve saved a life and given an animal a second chance in a good home! When you adopt, you encourage others to adopt as well and the more animals adopted, the more you can support the stop of puppy mills. Also, we never leave you on your own! You will always have a lifetime resource of volunteers to help you if you ever feel lost!”


Since it’s also Pet Preparedness Month, do you have any advice on how prospective pet parents can prepare to welcome a new dog or cat into their home?


“Be patient! Change is hard for all of us, but especially for a new pet who might not understand what’s happening. Everything is new and different and can be quite confusing and scary to your new rescue pet! Be prepared to give new pets a minimum of 2-4 weeks to learn the routines and rules of your home. To avoid more confusion, make sure to bring your pet straight home and then give them the official tour of your home, bringing them around to get familiar with the layout. Make sure your dog is leashed! When a new person comes to visit your new pup, introduce them outside where it can be less scary, and try to take your pup outside as often as possible in the first few months, but stay close to home so they get familiar with where “home base” is.  


As with all of us, routine is the key to success! Establish a routine to ensure some stability during this change. In this routine, make sure there’s enough “down time” for the pet to wander and acclimate on its own as they explore their new environment.


If you have a second or third pet in the home, introduce them in a safe, neutral environment. For dogs, the best option is to introduce them outside. For cats, it’s best to set the new cat in a bathroom with their litter box with the door shut, letting the two of them get to know each other’s scents through the door crack. Introduce them in small doses during the first day and supervise their interactions until you feel safe leaving them alone. All in all, remember to set up your pet’s environment for them to succeed!”


What’s your favorite part about working in a rescue?


“It’s fun and rewarding! It feels so great to see the animals we’ve rescued find their furever home! Working at a rescue is an amazing networking opportunity! We meet so many volunteers, pet owners, and of course, the coolest animals! We get to save lives and make an impact and give back to our Edson community. Also, the flexible hours are great! We’ve also learned so much about animals and have been able to help so many families and provide them with support. Every day is another rewarding experience.”


Can you share with us a couple of cats that are looking for their furever homes?


Adopt A Cat Month: An Interview with Edson Animal RescueMeet Nevaar! Nevaar is a 6-month-old kitten who is literally the class clown. He loves to play tricks on his fellow foster siblings and spring up and surprise them whenever he gets the chance! Nevaar would do best with a family who also has another cat or two as he loves children and LOVES to play with other kitties. He is a very busy and vocal little guy, although that doesn’t stop him from settling in for a good snuggle once he’s burned off some energy.


He’s been a wonderful friend and companion to his foster mum, but now it is time for him to find his true love; a forever home. If you are willing to open your heart and home to this little gift of a guy, you’ll always have some remarkable energy in your home that is worth more than words can express.


Adopt A Cat Month: An Interview with Edson Animal RescueMoxy is one of our sweet mama cats and is ready for her turn to be spoiled in her furever home! Moxy lives up to her name as she’s a tough little cookie, having given birth to her own litter of kittens just recently. She’s now spayed and up to date on all vaccines and is ready to share her sweet love and cuddles with a human family of her own!


Moxy is young, around 1-3 years old. She currently lives with dogs and would be fine in a home with other cats, dogs, or children! Moxie likes hanging out under the couch and is learning to wear a harness for walks! She’s getting more comfortable wearing it with lots of encouragement. She’s super sweet and loves attention!


Thank you to Edson Animal Rescue for sharing all about the amazing things they’re doing in the Edson and Yellowhead Counties! We’re so excited to hear about the new pets you adopt this month! If you’re worried about adopting a pet because you have a trip planned this summer, have no fear! Poop’d Out is available to the Edson community as one of the premier pet sitters!


Check us out at to book your next reservation.

Make sure to also check out Edson Animal Rescue’s Facebook page or to adopt one of the above kitties (or any other pets they have available)!



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