3 Things You Would Never Know About Poop’d Out

Well, hello there, 2022! 

Edson’s best dog walking and pet sitting company has seen yet another year! As we kick off the new year, we’re looking back on 2021, and we’re just so proud of how far we’ve come and how well we tackled the challenges/obstacles the past year brought us. We also wanted to express our gratitude for the tremendous support of our clients. So, today, we’ve put together something special just for you. Here are 3 things you would never know about Poop’d Out!


Hiring Professional Pet Sitters

At Poop’d out, we take pride in handpicking our team. Only quality professional pet sitters passionate about pets get picked to be on our team. Candidates go through an extensive interview and onboarding process. We make sure we don’t skip any steps. This includes; testing their personality, attention to detail, and responsiveness to see if they are as passionate about pets as we are. In addition to character, a clean criminal record check and driver’s abstract is required, along with completing our employee manual, handbook, online training course, in-person training, and becoming pet first aid certified. This extensive list of requirements seems like a lot, but it accurately filters out the best of the best.


Committed to Our Care Methods

We take pride in our care methods or handling methods. We work towards reducing fear, anxiety and stress in animal care by being Force Free and Fear Free. We believe pets have the most successful outcomes when working at their comfort level and having fun. A safe atmosphere with compassionate handlers and positive reinforcement can provide a successful and beneficial exercise experience for you and your dog. We love to see our clients form strong bonds with their dogs and these methods help build that relationship with consistency and positivity. 

3 Things You Would Never Know About Poop’d Out

Pet Errands and Chauffeur Services

Another unique feature of Poop’d Out is the pet errand and chauffeur services we offer. We know life can be busy, and sometimes we need help handling our pets and their needs. Whether you need someone to pick up or drop off your pets, we are here to help. Our pet errand services include picking up and dropping off your pets to and from grooming appointments, kennel bookings, vet appointments, and running errands for your pet’s necessities. We also offer GPS tracking so that you can have up-to-date information about where your pet’s whereabouts are. If you’re busy at work, or with the kids, or if life has your hands tied, you can always count on Poop’d out for reliable and responsible service.


What do you think?

In addition to the 3 things you would never know about Poop’d Out, we also take pride in our safety protocols and easy and efficient booking system. Our Covid protocols ensure our customers and staff are being safe and protected. We offer online scheduling and invoicing for easy, anytime booking from the comfort of your own home.  

For those who’ve known us for years, which of these did you already know? Feel free to leave a comment below.

We are passionate and professional pet sitters that can’t wait to serve you in the Edson area. Be sure to check out our website with our list of services that could benefit you and your pet needs. Please be sure to like and follow us on our Facebook and Instagram accounts!



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