5 Ways to Keep Your Pet’s Teeth Clean Without Them Knowing

We spend a fair amount of time taking care of our teeth – brushing and flossing twice a day, using mouthwash, and even making dental visits to ensure that our teeth stay healthy. BUT, what are you doing to keep your pet’s teeth healthy? When it comes to brushing our pet’s teeth, we know it isn’t always the easiest. So, here are 5 fun and easy ways to keep your pet’s teeth clean without them knowing.


Toothbrush with Flavoured toothpaste 

Brushing our teeth can be tedious, and a lousy flavour can worsen the experience. Similarly, our pets might be picky about the taste of the flavour we give them. Like human toothpaste, pets also have a range of toothpaste products and flavours. If your pet likes meat, beef, or chicken flavoured toothpaste, may get them inclined to get their teeth cleaned. There are many flavours, including vanilla ginger, for those pets with a sweet tooth. Whichever flavour you choose to brush with, you simultaneously prevent dental diseases while keeping their breath fresh for more kisses. 



Bones are a great way to keep your dog occupied while keeping their teeth cleaned. When dogs chew on a bone, the interaction with their teeth prevents plaque and tartar build-up from accumulating. This is a great and easy way to keep your dog’s teeth clean while keeping them busy with an activity. Remember, when buying the right bones for your dog’s teeth, you must keep in mind the ingredients and materials they are made of. Your dog may chew on the bone, but they may also digest parts of it. Be sure that you select the right bone or chew for your dog that will clean their teeth and won’t cause them any harm or digestive issues. 


Toys to Chew on

Similar to bones, finding a suitable dental chew toy is important. Artificial bones are created as chew toys and may serve as a happy medium for those dogs that like to chew but are not known to eat toys. Some toys can be a choking hazard to your pet if they can be easily torn apart. Be sure to consider your pet’s size and the strength of their jaws when picking a toy. Some pets can rip almost any toy to pieces, so chewing toys may not be ideal. If you are unsure of a suitable chew toy for your pet, you can always ask your veterinarian for their professional opinion. Some local vets around the area are Edson Veterinary Clinic, Glenwood Park Veterinary Clinic, Solstice Veterinary Clinic (in Hinton).

5 Ways to Keep Your Pet's Teeth Clean Without Them Knowing

Dental Treats

Dental treats allow you to reward your dog while getting them to clean their teeth. With dental treats, you can make brushing their teeth fun. Before giving your pet a treat, you can have them do a trick or give it to them after playtime as a snack. By providing your pet with a treat after an activity, they will associate teeth cleaning with fun.


Dried Meat

Dried meat snacks are a great alternative to the traditional dental treat. Just like dental chews, these chewy treats are strong enough to help clean the plaque and tartar off your pet’s teeth. Some pets hate the taste and texture of dental chews, so dried meat can provide an alternative option for those picky eaters. 


Keeping your pet’s teeth clean helps prevent serious health issues and oral pain. The best thing you can do for your pet’s oral health is give them routine dental care instead of doing nothing until they have a problem. If you notice some tartar or plaque that needs removal, it’s best to consult your pet’s vet for their opinion. These 5 ways to keep your pet’s teeth clean without them knowing are some ideas to help keep their dental care easy. Be sure to like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram





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