4 Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Myths We See All The Time

Most pet parents feel anxious about leaving their pets home alone or leaving them at a boarding facility for long periods. While some pets love the socialization and adventure in a new environment, some pets feel best when they are at home in a familiar environment. This causes pet parents to look for pet care at home. Frequently, relatives and neighbours are asked to fill in the role of a pet sitter. Many pet parents misunderstand the amount of work and knowledge needed to care for pets accurately. There are a lot of misconceptions about professional pet sitters and walkers. In this blog, we disprove 4 pet sitting and dog walking myths we see all the time. Here are some misguided assumptions about professional pet sitting and dog walking services.


Pet sitting is not a “real job.” You just have to sit all day.

A popular myth about pet sitting is that it is not a real job since it involves hanging out and cuddling a pet all day. While cuddles are involved, being a pet sitter is a lot of work and responsibility. Pet sitting requires reliability, time management, skill and is a ton of work. Every pet has their own schedule and their own specific needs. Some dogs may also have behavioural issues that need to be addressed and managed accordingly. There is so much education and experience involved in caring for animals. Walking, feeding, and spending time with pets may be enjoyable, but pet sitters and dog walkers still take it very seriously. They must be ready for any situation and emergency that may occur, which takes training, knowledge and experience for the job. 


The neighbour’s kid can do it cheaper.

A very popular phrase pet sitters and dog walkers hear is that someone they know can watch their dog cheaper for them. While that may be true, you must consider the quality of work. When you hire a professional pet sitter or dog walker, you get quality work and get educated and experienced pet professionals. These walkers and sitters likely have years of experience with various pets and behaviour handling. Dog walkers and pet sitters are also insured and prepared for any emergencies. Hiring a pet professional will give you the security and peace of mind that your neighbour’s kid just won’t.

4 Pet Sitting and Dog Walking Myths We See All The Time

Pet sitting is only for when you’re out of town.

There are a lot of misconceptions that pet sitting is only needed when you go out of town. This can’t be further from the truth. Pet sitters and dog walkers are beneficial to have for frequent visits. They don’t have to be called in for long periods. A pet sitter or dog walker can be called daily, weekly, or monthly. They can help get your pet exercise mid-day while at work and provide the socialization and comfort they need or stop in to administer timely medication. Having frequent interactions with pet sitters and dog walkers also makes your pets more friendly with people. Your pets will feel comfortable seeing the same person frequently, making leaving them with a pet sitter for a longer duration easier. 


Pets will be scared and depressed when left with sitters.

Leaving pets with a new sitter can be difficult at first. Our pets might have some feelings of stranger danger and uncertainty at first. It’s crucial to have introductions with your pet sitter and dog walker first to give your pet some exposure. With some time and exposure, your pet will learn to be comfortable with their sitters and walkers and even have fun! With a pet sitter and dog walker, your pets will not be depressed and bored at home. They will feel socialized, exercised and satisfied with their day until you come home. 


These were just 4 pet sitting and dog walking myths we see. There may be more misconceptions about pet businesses and professions out there. At Poop’d Out, we want our clients to know that hiring pet professionals to care for your pets is one of the best investments you can make. Their safety and well-being are pet professionals’ number one priority, and ours is no different. Please check out our pet sitting services and like us on our social media pages. 



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