3 Confessions of the Pet Sitters & Dog Walkers at Poop’d Out

Being professional pet sitters and dog walkers brings us a lot of joy. The job is rewarding when both our customers and their dogs are happy. We love meeting your pets and spending time with them. The joy we see on your pet’s faces after a walk and spending time with them is priceless! We wouldn’t change a thing about what we do! BUT, there are a few things we’ve kept from you… We’ll tell you what we really do with your pets when you’re not around. Here are three confessions of the pet sitters and dog walkers at Poop’d Out!


Our devices are full of pictures of your pets. Maybe even more than our own pets…

Your pets are irresistibly cute! We can’t help but take pictures of them when they do something adorable or funny. The entertainment they provide has to be captured. We love capturing their personalities and playfulness in photos. Not only does this bring us joy and happiness, but we can also send you these snapshots to cheer you up during the day. Your pets will be treated like celebrities when we’re around! Knowing your pet feels comfortable and happy at home with their sitter will surely bring a smile to your face and give you one less thing to worry about. 


We talk to your pets constantly.

Since we work with animals all day, it’s only natural to start talking to them. We have conversations with your pets all the time. We ask about their weekends or days and even how they’re feeling. We give your pets our undivided attention, and they are great listeners! As silly as it sounds to talk to pets, the communication for them is good. Pets can pick up on sounds and tone of voice that can be great for developing their cognitive functions. If you’ve trained your dog on verbal cues, then hearing cues coming from different voices can help with their training. Having a conversation with your pet can be a lot of fun, especially when they like to express themselves verbally. Give it a try and see why we enjoy it so much! 

3 Confessions of the Pet Sitters & Dog Walkers at Poop’d Out

We know your dog’s fur-iends and fur-nemies in the neighborhood. 

If our dog walkers have been walking your dogs regularly, then you should know that we know all your dog’s friends and enemies in the neighbourhood. We know the territorial barkers, the standoffish fidos, and the crazy, unpredictable dogs. We have the scoop on all the neighbourhood doggie drama and who to avoid. We also know who your dog gets along with and likes to play with. You can trust us to get your dog out and back home safe and sound! Having a reliable and knowledgeable dog walker ensures your dog’s safety with us.


These are just three confessions of the pet sitters, and dog walkers at Poop’d Out. As we get to know your pets more, we’re sure we’ll have more embarrassing and funny stories to share about your pets. 

In a nutshell, we can agree we’re pet-obsessed sitters and dog walkers in Edson! Your dog gave us a paw? SHARED. Tail’s wagging after our walk? You bet we’re going to brag about it too! Your cat posed for us? Picture snapped! We LOVE and adore your pets and want to thank YOU for trusting us with spending time with them. Please check out our pet services we can offer you and your pets!




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