How to Know Which Pet Is Best for Your Family

Why is it exciting to add a new pet or another pet to the family? Why do people love pets? People and animals have lived alongside others from the beginning of time. People loved animals so much that they domesticated some species to become pets, and we’ve been falling in love with furry friends ever since. With so many companion animals to choose from, how do you know which pet is best for your family? We’ve put together some things to consider to help you decide. Before you adopt or welcome home a pet, look first at the following factors you should consider to know the right pet for you and your family.

Here are the factors to consider:


Household and Type of Home

The pet options you are looking at should be suitable for your home. You must consider the type of home you live in and the space available for a pet. You are set for any pet if you live in a single house with a nice yard. A dog would be ideal for that situation. If you live in a smaller space, with neighbours or not a lot of space indoors or outdoors, then a different pet may work better. With that in mind, some great dog breeds don’t need much space or exercise, so they’ll also work great in those environments. Cats, hamsters, or bunnies may do better in an apartment setting since they usually require less exercise and space than a dog.


Lifestyle and Activity

All pets have basic living needs, but to be a great pet parent, you need to put in the effort and care for the relationship you want with your pet. Keep in mind that the number of people in your home and lifestyle also matter when choosing the right pet. People take up space, and some pets do better with less noise and commotion. The age of those living in your home matter as well. Be sure you choose a pet at an age that will fit your current living situation and lifestyle. The amount of activity and free time in the day to care for your pet is also important to know. Be sure to research the activity levels of all the pets and breeds you are looking at. This can help narrow your search for the best pet for your family. 


Grooming and Maintenance 

Another thing that is important to consider when choosing a pet is your future pet’s grooming needs and your own allergies if you have any. There are some breeds of animals with hypoallergenic coats that may be more suitable for you. Other things to consider are shedding and grooming. Some dogs and cats are heavy shedders that will leave fur all over your home and clothes. If you don’t want to be vacuuming and brushing your pet everyday, it might be best to look into pets that shed less or don’t shed at all.  Some breeds also require regular grooming schedules to keep them healthy, clean and comfortable. Grooming can be expensive and time consuming for some owners. Some breeds require regular daily grooming at home and every 4 weeks at the groomer. Be sure to research your future pet’s grooming needs to see if they fit with your budget, schedule, and lifestyle.

How to Know Which Pet Is Best for Your Family

Slobbery vs No slobber

This point is intended more for dog breeds, but it must be mentioned! Some people like to have a very clean home and furniture in pristine form. There are dog breeds that are known to slobber and get dirty. Some dog breeds might not be suitable for those who obsess with cleanliness. There are breeds that are just naturally very slobbery and while some people may find that cute and endearing, other people may not like cleaning up slobber puddles everyday. Be sure to read about the type of care and characteristics of the dog breeds you are looking into. 


Your Budget and Commitment

Pets can be expensive commitments, so be sure to know what you are getting into. There are more costs to consider than just some food, water bowls, and toys. Some pets like cats and caged animals require regular maintenance of their litter boxes. These products to keep your home and cages clean can add up. There is also the cost of regular vet visits, specialty food and medications, and possibly pet insurance if you feel it’s best for you. Other unexpected or extra costs may also come into play for pet care, training, and emergencies. Getting a pet is a huge commitment and financial responsibility as well. If you have a specific budget for a pet, then please do your research and look into a pet that you can manage to care for and afford in any situation. 


Research is Essential

With all this to consider, it’s self-evident that research is essential to know which pet is best for your family. Finding the right pet for you and your family might take a lot of time and thinking. Be sure that when choosing a pet, you can ask to meet them first to see if the pet suits your family’s personality, style, budget, and lifestyle. The right pet can add so much happiness to your family. Sometimes with patience, the pet may even pick you! 

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