Our Story

Founded in 2015 by Dacey Rausesr, Poop’d Out is truly a labor of love. Poop’d Out is professional, reliable, and FULL of love for animals.

It was born from a realization that reliable, good quality pet care was rare to come by in Edson, and we wanted to change this.

Poop’d Out has been recognized for its achievements, such as the 2016 Best Online Marketer in Edson.

Dacey Rauser

Dacey Rauser


My love for pets started when I became best friends with my Grandparents’ German Shepherd, Chief.

And just like that, my love for animals was born.

That doesn’t mean they aren’t HARD work, though, which I came to realize when I adopted my own German Shepherd mix, Twiggy. Life with a newborn puppy was like having a full-time job, and I needed help.

It was then that I noticed that getting reliable, qualified pet-care was a hard thing to do. So, I quit my job to pursue a career in dog-walking and pet-care.

My passion is pet-care. Good quality, caring, fun, and professional pet care.

We CARE About the Environment

At Poop’d Out, your pets are our number one priority. But, on every walk, every pet-visit, and every office admin day, our other priority is the environment. We strive to be as environmentally friendly as possible and have policies and procedures to make this happen.

As a business, we strive to reduce our carbon “paw”-print to raise awareness about global warming.


  • We buy our treats in bulk.
  • We regularly do community and volunteer work, such as trash pick up.
  • We recycle and use recycled products.
  • We use an online system for payments and scheduling, which reduces our paper consumption.
  • Our poop bags are compostable,
  • We support LOCAL businesses.
The Sidekicks: Lilith

The Sidekicks: Lilith

Our sidekicks take their job JUST as seriously as the regular staff does!

You’ll find Lilith, a Bengal, doing admin tasks in the office. She prefers to stay cozy and warm while helping Dacey book appointments and keep the business running smoothly.

Ode to Twiggy

Ode to Twiggy

(Feb 25, 2012 – Aug 13, 2019)

Twiggy was the best friend and co-pilot that I could have ever asked for. He was the inspiration for my career and the reason behind so much happiness.

A gentle giant, Twiggy was a fantastic ambassador for Big Dogs. He was gentle and kind to people, other dogs, and felines.

In his spare time, you could find Twiggy climbing mountains, hiking, swimming in rivers, and donating blood. He loved to play dress-up and was considered a local celebrity for his fantastic costumes! He was a Therapy Dog, and for seven months, a Volunteer with Alberta Health Services visiting seniors with dementia.

But, most importantly, he was my best friend. I hope you’re living your best life on the Rainbow Bridge!

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