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Poop’d Out has been a lifesaver. I work a hectic (and often random) work schedule related to emergency response.  Dacey has been incredibly flexible and accepting of my madness, which relieves the stress of trying to balance a family life and a work life.  

Poop’d Out took the time to get to know each of my dog’s personalities.  She has been there with me through some of the hardest times in my dog parent life- dealing with leash reactivity, losing my furry best friend to cancer, and helping me train a new (and boisterous) puppy.  I appreciate her patience, her positive training techniques tailored to each of my dogs’ quirks and her professionalism.

Before Poop’d Out, I would be stressed about what would happen if I was called away for 12 hours or more to an emergency. My husband’s schedule is just as random so it was nearly impossible to organize something like a kennel visit.  We are relatively new to Edson, so we didn’t have the friendly neighbour, or buddy’s teenage kid to walk our dogs or throw some kibble over the fence.  Poop’d Out gives us all the options we need to ensure that our sometimes stressful work lives don’t negatively impact our pooches’.

I appreciate the effort that Dacey puts into updating me on my dogs progress, highlighting areas we need to work on and I LOVE all the fun picture and video updates. It’s great to see my dogs learning to trust others, getting some fresh air and meeting new fur friends (and of course getting spoiled rotten).  I’m thankful that Dacey and Poop’d Out exists- we depend on them for peace of mind!


Jan 2018

Having Poop’d Out working with and caring for my two big fur babies has been an amazing thing! Dacey treats and loves them just like I would and that gives such piece of mind.

Before Poop’d Out came into our lives it was very stressful on my husband and myself to find a trust worthy and reliable person to watch our fur babies. Dacey is kind, caring and super understanding when it comes to all aspects of our animals lives and all the craziness that goes along with that. Dacey is so accommodating especially when your own schedule isn’t working out or is all over the place, she is beyond patient and understanding.

Poop’d Out brings great piece of mind to me and my family, Dacey always sends pictures, updates and any concerns she might have. I have to give an example- during the Christmas season of 2017 we were away visiting family and the weather turned terribly cold, so Dacey out of love for our fur babies placed them into our garage, she stayed and played with them in the garage as well she returned earlier that scheduled to make sure they had their outside time and were well loved! By having Dacey being with my animals I have been able to enjoy our family time away because I had piece of mind that they were cared for as well if not better than if it was me with them.



Jan 2018

Poop’d Out has been a great service to our family. As a first time pet owner we have lots to learn about our puppy but Poop’d Out has been a great support. The puppy visits are just what we needed for our busy schedule. Our puppy gets to go outside and sometimes even play with other dogs while we are at work. The little training sessions, play sessions and walks have been great for our pup. He has learned so much from Poop’d Out. We are very thankful to have this service available to us. I also love getting updates including photos after each visit. I would recommend Pooped Out to anyone needing dog services as they are very reliable, friendly and trustworthy.


Jan 2018

Hiring Poop’d Out Dog Walking and Pet Care has been the best decision for our family. From the first day we met Dacey, we were completely comfortable leaving our animals in her care.  We no longer have to worry about how our animals are doing as we get these wonderful updates and pictures through the app which give us total peace of mind and some new found freedom! It has been hard having animals these past years as we have no family that lives close, but now it’s like we do! Our animals are very excited to see Dacey and it has been a seamless transition. I would recommend this service to anyone looking to add a responsible and dedicated pet sitter to their family.

Sativa, Lly, and the Human Gordons

Dec 2017

I love love love and highly recommend Poop’d Out Dog Walking & Pet Care! Dacey is incredibly knowledgeable, thorough, organized, and professional, not to mention friendly and trustworthy. I have used her services numerous times, sometimes booking last minute, and many times with modifications to my bookings, but she is amazingly accommodating. Because Poop’d Out Dog Walking & Pet Care is so affordable, I don’t feel like I need to impose on my family or neighbours anymore. Plus my animals adore her, and I LOVE getting the picture updates of my pets when I am away. Dacey is completely dependable and I would trust her with anything. I have even gone to her for advice for pet-related questions. I feel so lucky to be one of her clients and reassured to know that she’s always there for me when I need her.  Definitely a five-star service!

Sarah, Tux, and Mr. Smithers

Dec 2017

From our initial meeting where Dacey took the time to get to know not just my dog, Buddy, but me and what I wanted to get out of his experience with Poop’d Out everything has been amazing. Dacey helped socialize Buddy and helped me learn some doggy body language to the point where I no longer have any worries about taking him out and about around other dogs. Buddy’s favourite days are walk days, he always has a blast and I think he might love Dacey more than me lol.


Dec 2017

My boyfriend Josh and I started to look for a dog walker when Maverick our male yellow lab was 3 months old. I was very happy to come across Poop’d Out on the Internet. Both Josh and I work 12 hour shifts day/nights and needed help with Mave’s potty training and general well being. I knew Mave would need stimulation and training while we were on shift or else I feel he would have developed bad habits. Dacey has really helped train him and socialize him with appropriate dogs for his age. She has also provided her service on late notice when we had to run into the city for the day and didn’t want to have to leave Mave by himself. Dacey has also brought over toys for Mave that would help stimulate him and a life jacket when we had been trying to help teach him to swim. It’s things like that that you know she cares for your pet and thinks about there strengths and weakness and how to build on them. Mave is happier and easier to train and handle while at home and that makes me a very happy owner. I would highly recommend Dacey to others. We have been enjoying Dacey’s services for almost 4 months now and will definitely continue. 


Sept 2016

We are a small family that has a disabled child. So getting out to walk our dog can be difficult and sometimes impossible. Thank god for Poop’d out!! Dacey is amazing with our furry family member. We have been using Poop’d out for around a year. Samone does not like other dogs so walking can be stressful and eventful. Dacey has done wonders with Samone and handles her weirdness with ease!! Dacey has fit in an extra non scheduled walk a few times with no questions asked and no fuss. We have talked over the phone a few times on how we (as owners) could handle a situation that has arose with Samone and she has always been patient, understanding and helpful with us!! We would recommend her services hands down. Best help we could have and continue to have!!


Sept 2016

I work full time and am often gone from the house for 10-12 hours which causes me a lot of dog mom stress and guilt! 1.5 years ago I went searching and found Dacey! I was looking for someone to take Nanook out for walks during the day when I was gone for longer than 8hrs and if possible would be able to help with socialization. Dacey has been a lifesaver on many occasions when work has gotten super busy. She allows me to do long work days and not feel too guilty! She is convenient, professional and is fantastic with my girl…..Nanook loves her! I have a tendency to need last minute walks and Dacey is fantastic at making it work….she has also been very flexible around the weather and will modify/move walk times around storms to ensure my dog is not put in stressful situations she does not enjoy. Nanook is not always social with other dogs and Dacey has worked hard to help her build a relationship with her own dog. She has also allowed me to spend time with them walking (unpaid!!) so that I could see the dynamic and be comfortable with the situation. She is amazing and both Nanook and I are happy we found her!

Nanook's Mom (aka Jacqui)

Sept 2016

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